Imagine now being able to stimulate your body with light, to increase a copper peptide, GHK-CU, that turns on our P63 gene which is responsible for mobilizing your regenerating cells.

We place our advanced phototherapy patches on acupuncture points throughout the body liberating and mobilizing regenerating cells for the highest and best possible health.

Six months into detox treatment for mold toxicity poisoning and multiple co-infections of bacteria. I was too tired to wake up, struggled and had to modify my work to accommodate my tiredness. I cut back my social life to almost nonexistent and stopped trying to catch flights in the early morning. Managing my health and scrambled brain was a full-time job. I could not function, and it was too stressful to maintain my otherwise normal fast paced life.

After one week using X39 & Aeon, I feel alert and ready to process information. I am awake without having to have two cups of coffee and deal with the jittery feeling caffeine gives me.

I love waking quickly, focused, and early (for me) with or without an alarm – and no snoozing. I am excited to be feeling like my old self- “pre-mold! I’m looking forward to see what results the rest of the patches will bring!

- Candy F

I just got his blood work back! I am ecstatic!!

- PSA Down! Inflammation levels Really Low!

- Everything better than last year!

-13 pounds of body fat released with no change in diet or exercise!

– Bob L

I have been on the LifeWave patches since January 2021.

My body has…

  • Significantly reduced fluid and waste retention,

  • Sleeping better through the night, and more soundly

  • Skin has reduced wrinkle lines

  • My ankles are no longer stiff and sore in the morning

…. and the list keeps growing!

During the year, my eyesight improved twice. I have worn glasses since the fourth grade, and I’ve never had my eyesight improve even once in a year. The second improvement was so significant in one eye, my eye insurance gave me six months worth of free contacts! I am 100% certain that the X39, Aeon, and Ice Wave patches was the cause of this!

– Maureen P

At 75 years young I am back at Spin Class after 5 weeks! I was the oldest woman there by 10 years. I went with my husband, David at 79 years young! We are both wearing the performance combo of Energy Enhancers and, Aeon for the one hour class.

I am thrilled as I am able to use higher sustained resistance than I have ever accomplished!

We then walked a high energy 10 month old Sheep dog mix for another HOUR and had energy to spare! I was blown away by how good I felt at 5 PM today.

– Pat